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Private Academic Planning

Our Academic Planning service helps students define and focus their career goals and ambitions, research the post-secondary schools that offer specific programming, and help you with the application and provision of materials. Our trained team also offers time-management seminars and mock job interviews to help set you apart from the pack!

 Study in the UK

If you’re interested in studying in the UK, Barclay Educational Services provide a range of services that will help you get there. These services include guidance on transcripts, personal statements, references, tuition fees, living costs and student visa requirements. And the best part? When applying to our network of UK schools, there is NO FEE for our application and counselling services.

* Standard UCAS application fees apply / some medical programs may not be included.

 Study in Ireland

This FREE service assists Ontario students with the process of applying to any of the world-class Irish Institutes. Colleges Ontario has a unique agreement with the Institutes which allows students to complete honours degree programs in Ireland.  Our ‘Study Ireland’ service includes FREE guidance on transcripts, personal statements, references, tuition fees, living costs and student visa requirements.

 Study in France

We have started a new partnership with IÉSEG School of Management in France. IÉSEG’s objectives are simple: they exist to ensure their students become talented, dynamic and above all successful individuals, who will continue to make a difference across a diverse range of global business markets. We would love to tell you more about this incredible opportunity to study in France.


I just wanted to thank both of you for helping me with my application over the last few months.  My Visa application just went through, so I am basically all ready to go and waiting for the big move.  You both helped me greatly through this long and tedious process.  You run an amazing service that allows students such as myself to be expose to education options abroad and for that I am grateful.  I would highly recommend this service to others.  Thank you for your time, effort and consideration when dealing with my application.

All the best, and thank you again,

Noah Aresta

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