• Various packages for junior and senior high-school students
  • Interest Based Testing to help determine student career goals and ambitions
  • Help with finding suitable post-secondary programs for students
  • Assistance with post-secondary application process
  • Contact us for pricing and details
  • FREE assistance for Canadian students with the application process to any of our 30+ partner schools in the UK, Ireland, France, and Germany
  • FREE advice to help choose the right program and navigate the complicated Student Visa Process
  • FREE application assistance and editing of personal statements required for program entry
  • We have direct contact with International Placement Officers to keep your application on track
  • Various services available for students of all ages and skill levels
  • Time Management Seminars to help with increased school workload
  • Mock Interview Sessions to assist with program entry, co-op positions or summer jobs
  • You’ll be working with a dedicated team of experienced staff to help you find the placement or service that’s right for you. 

About Us

Barclay Educational Services is a private guidance counselling firm located in Hamilton, Ontario at the McMaster University Innovation Park. Our team of education professionals specialize in providing personalized academic guidance for students of all ages.

Among our most popular services is a FREE Study Overseas program that helps students at the undergrad or postgrad level find & apply for exciting educational pathways overseas.  For 10 years, Jackie Barclay and her team have helped students find their passion, achieve their career goals, and have the experience of a lifetime overseas. 


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