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10 hours ago
Interested in pursuing a master’s in business management? You’re in luck. The @UniOfHull understands employers favour job applications that have relevant work experience and with this in mind, they have developed their popular MSc Business Management WITH an internship! BarclayEdu photo
14 hours ago
In Grade 11 in Ontario? Not sure about what's next? Contact @BarclayEdu @MIP_Hamilton for help planning your future #career and #educational pathway. Details in our latest blog #hamont #guidance #counselling BarclayEdu photo
19 hours ago
Interesting #research from @IESEG about #product placement. If you are a Canadian student interested in being part of this top-rated school in France and want to @StudyatIESEG please contact @BarclayEdu for info
2 days ago
#information is now one of the most important assets for many #businesses Find out about this 1 Yr MA program in IT #Management @IUBH in Germany. Courses are in English. Details in our latest blog! #data #computers BarclayEdu photo
Barclay Educational Services
Barclay Educational Services17 hours ago
BES dives into each students personality, interests and goals to help them make a successful transition to post-secondary education and a pre-college/university academic plan.
Our private guidance counselling services are geared for grade 10 and grade 12 students, with different packages to suit each individual student’s needs.
For more info, please visit
Barclay Educational Services
Barclay Educational Services
Barclay Educational Services2 days ago
Information is now one of the most important assets for many businesses. Find out more about the MA program in IT Management at IUBH in Germany. All courses are in English. Details in our latest blog!
Barclay Educational Services
Barclay Educational Services3 days ago
Broaden your experience and fast track your ambitions at the University of Southampton's two year accelerated LLB program, which is designed for graduates with a good first degree from a range of disciplines who are keep joining the legal profession in Canada. You do NOT need to take the LSAT test in order to join this program!
Contact our counsellor, for more info on studying overseas at University of Southampton! When you apply through Barclay you receive FREE assistance!