Explore the MSc in Biomedical Science at Hull

This taught MSc programme at the University of Hull will help students gain an understanding of the importance of research and allow them to experience advanced techniques, incorporating research design and data analysis. Biomedical Science is an area of study which uses a basis of biological principles to enhance our understanding of human health and the treatment of disease. It does this using a multidisciplinary approach. Knowledge of various disciplines allows the exploration of the normal physiology of the human body. This leads to an appreciation of the processes of disease, which aids advances in disease diagnosis and subsequent therapeutic intervention.

Students will benefit from state-of-the-art facilities that include a wide range of instrumentation and up-to-date equipment for proteomic and genomic analysis, as well as studies of cellular processes. The University has an international reputation for research focused on oncology, the cardiovascular system and metabolic diseases. This MSc in Biomedical Science at Hull builds upon the research expertise within the School and long-established history of collaboration with clinical scientists within the NHS, as well as the university’s strong relationship with the Institute of Biomedical Science.

To apply from Canada to this challenging program, please contact Jackie for free assistance. JSB@barclayedu.com