Where Business Meets Biotechnology at the University of Kent.


Build on your diverse strengths and interests with this MSc in Biotechnology and Business at the University of Kent. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of translating laboratory findings from a modern bioscience laboratory to the clinic / commercial utility. Learning in this program is multifaceted and includes practical learning, lectures, interactive workshops and an extended research project.

A new innovative module in this programme will focus on translating Bioscience to Business. Programme content also includes exposure to modern biosciences (i.e. specifically existing advanced optional modules in Cancer Biology, Infectious Diseases, Biotechnology & Bioengineering and Reproductive Medicine) in addition to being exposed to existing Business Modules (Marketing, Financial & Management Accounting and Strategy).

Would you like to be part of this beautiful campus at the University of Kent which is known for its excellence in teaching and research? Are you applying from Canada? Contact Barclay Educational Services for free assistance. Barclay is a recognized Canadian agent for the University of Kent. As such there is no charge for our assistance. The University pays our fee. Email Jackie at JSB@barclayedu.com