Explore the World of Finance with IESEG on Friday, March 9th!

Here’s Your Chance to Explore the Inner Workings of Capital Markets in a fast-moving global financial environment.  Learn more about this cutting edge program from IESEG which further explores the most recent developments in capital markets regulations and compliance. The program includes interactive lessons by academic and industry experts which provide strong technical skills in capital markets securities, financial data, and computer programming (VBA and Python). Graduates will be equipped for the workplace with a set of quantitative tools as well as a solid knowledge of the regulations and ethics in investment banking and capital markets.

Would you like to learn more about the program and ask questions of the Program Director? Click below to register and join our next webinar on the 9th of March (Friday) at 3.00pm CET: And contact Jackie to find out more about how to apply: JSB@barclayedu.com