Struggling to Find a Summer Job? Contact Barclay Educational to Improve Your Interview Skills!

Whether it’s high school, college or university,  your courses are now wrapping up and it’s time to find a summer job. But there is a lot of competition for those positions, so being able to make a strong showing during the interview process is key. Barclay Educational Services is a full service counseling service for high school and university students which now offers Mock Interview Sessions to improve your performance and help you land that perfect position.

The Mock Interview Package consists of two separate sessions. Both take place at our offices located at McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, Ontario. The first outlines general tips and guidelines for making a strong first impression such as common questions you might encounter. The second session consists of a 30 minute mock interview which is recorded and then reviewed for feedback. The best way to improve your performance is to actually see your performance. Sessions last for approximately 45 minutes each.

The Mock Interviews are done by Barclay Educational Counselor Lisa Knap. Lisa is a former TV journalist and postgrad journalism instructor with more than 20 years of interviewing experience. Her expertise has helped many students who have had trouble landing that first job despite an impressive set of skills and a strong resume. This is because unless you can convey those talents via a strong interview, it is extremely difficult to triumph over the competition.

Interested in finding out more? Please contact Lisa via email:  Barclay Educational Services looks forward to hearing from you soon. Barclay Educational will be happy to book an appointment at your convenience.