Barclay Educational’s November Event List at McMaster Innovation Park, Hamilton, Ont.

Barclay Educational is proud to partner with more than 20 of the top universities in the UK, France and Germany. Here is a quick outline of upcoming events featuring some of these schools, which we are hosting here at McMaster Innovation Park, 175 Longwood Rd. S, Hamilton, Ont.

Friday Nov 16th, Room 1AB 4:30-6:30 pm. Leicester Law School Info Session:

Representatives and lecturers from Leicester Law will be here to discuss their Accelerated Law Program (2 year LLB JD Pathway) as well as the 3 year LLB which is accessible immediately following high school. Almost 300 Canadian students attend Leicester for Law making it a great choice for those looking for strong student connections. The University also boasts a Canadian Law Society which provides support for students right from the time they attend classes through to their return home to search for employment.  If you are wondering whether you qualify for Law at Leicester or have questions about any of the courses or programs, this seminar is one you should attend. Please come see us at MIP, 175 Longwood Rd for more info!

Monday Nov 19th, Room 1AB, 6-8 pm Bangor University Nursing and Public Health:

Key lecturers from the Bangor University Health Sciences Department will be here to discuss their 3 year BA (Hons) in Adult Nursing as well as the 1 year MSc in Public Health and Health Promotion.


Please note that anyone applying through Barclay Educational will receive FREE application assistance, including support with the sometimes complicated Student Visa Process. The School pays our fee. Hope to see you soon at MIP.