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Barclay Educational Services provides various training and education services to assist students and young professionals with their academic and career goals. 

Interview Preparation Services


Our Interview Preparation Service can help those applying for summer jobs, full-time positions, or co-ops brush up on interview skills. Our 2 part Mock Interview Package reviews common questions, strategies for self-confidence, and even body language. The cost is $125 including tax and includes a videotaped session for feedback.


Our Time Management Seminars can help students who find they are struggling to meet deadlines and reach their full potential. Sessions are one hour in length and can be arranged for individuals or groups. Topics covered include scheduling strategies, learning styles, technology, and more.


Time Management Seminars

Our office is conveniently located at McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, Ontario. For more information on any of these services, or to book an appointment please contact Lisa:

Not sure where to go or what the future holds for you? Reach out and let our team help you choose the path that’s right for you. 

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